A Giant Leap to More Precise Time Measurement: Thorsten Schumm on Building a Nuclear Clock

“It’s absolutely mandatory that we find ways to shine a spotlight on what we do from all possible perspectives”


Thorsten Schumm is an Associate Professor and Head of the research units for Quantum Metrology, Applied Quantum Physics, and Nuclear Reactors at the Vienna University of Technology. He also coordinated the FET OPEN project nuClock, which concluded in 2019 having focused on developing a more precise atomic clock for military and astronomical purposes. In this video he shares his thoughts on laying the groundwork to achieve the most accurate-ever time measurement, discovering the broad range of uses for techniques and technology produced during nuClock, overcoming uncertainties, and the importance of programmes such as EIC Pathfinder-FET in supporting high-risk research.

This video interview of part of the FETFX Pills series, which aims to showcase the diverse work of EIC Pathfinder-FET projects including their innovation potential.


Cover photo by Shawn Lee on Unsplash