Taking Pride on Future and Emerging Technologies

The EIC in collaboration with the FETFX project is inviting all researchers to celebrate this September, 30 years of visionary research and breakthrough innovation in Europe

Aiming to raise visibility and awareness around visionary, high-risk and long-term impact research funded under the FET programme and including the EIC Pathfinder as a driver for future breakthrough innovation, the European Commission has launched the Future Tech Week initiative, taking place during the week, 23-29 September 2019.


In collaboration with the FETFX project, the Future Tech Week is a unique opportunity to showcase your FET projects achievements through an event, an article, a webinar, a short video or any other creative tool you may use to describe your breakthrough results.

Share your FET passion to the rest of Europe. Visit www.futuretechweek.fetfx.eu.


Share your proposal on the Future Tech Week website and promote your action through your web and social media channels. If you mention the #EICFTW hashtag, your post will automatically appear on our Future Board, which will be shown during the European Research & Innovation Days, the European Union Research flagship event in 2019 (24-26 September).


Submit your proposal for an event or ideas to communicate your project in the Future Tech Week webpage before September 15.


For more information, please contact: futuretechweek@fetfx.eu


Photo by Jonas Verstuyft on Unsplash