Proactive support to the consolidation of a new technological direction

The FET Proactive aim is to explore and consolidate a new technological direction thankful to interdisciplinary communities and a European innovation eco-system, well beyond the world of research alone.

Several projects will be supported by the European Commission, in order to demonstrate  the foundation and consolidation of a new technological paradigm  through cutting-edge high-risk / high-reward research and innovation.


The opened Call for Proposal address a diverse range of areas:

  • FETPROACT-EIC-07-2020: FET Proactive: emerging paradigms and communities
    • Artificial Intelligence for extended social interaction
    • Breakthrough zero-emissions energy storage and conversion technologies for carbon-neutrality
    • Digital twins for the life-sciences
    • Measuring the unmeasurable –– Sub-nanoscale science for Nanometrology
  • FETPROACT-EIC-08-2020: Environmental Intelligence
    • new techniques for modelling and predicting socio/environmental evolution across different temporal and spatial scales
    • radically novel approaches to resilient, reliable and environmentally responsible in-situ monitoring


The EIC FET Proactive Call for Proposals were opened the 26th March and will close the 2nd July 2020.


The European Commission, in collaboration with the NCP Network Access2EIC have organized an Info-day Webinar on  “European Innovation Council Pilot: EIC Pathfinder and Accelerator 2020 calls” last 22nd of April. Recording and presentation are available at the link.


Furthermore, the Access2EIC NCP Network has recently published the “How to apply successfully – EIC Pathfinder FET Open and FET Proactive” guide, available at the link.

The Guide might be used as a useful checklist for the upcoming FET Open and FET Proactive Call under the EIC Pathfinder Pilot.


Nevertheless, beyond the EIC related Call for Proposals, the European Commission supports also the following emerging technological trends under FET Proactive related calls:


Those two Call for Proposals set the deadline for submission the next 17th June 2020.


All the open call for proposals are available at the updated FET Work Programme at the link.


Image Credit: Getty Images