European financial support for the next technologies of our future

Radical vision, technological breakthrough and ambitious interdisciplinary research are the gatekeepers capable to turn excellence science in radically new technologies.

The European Commission opened a diverse range of Calls for Proposals in order to support the emergence of future technologies which will be at the basis of European competitiveness in the future.


One Open Call is dedicated to Future and Emerging Technologies, open to all types of technological domains or sectors of applications.


The Call for Proposals FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking, under the European Innovation Council – Pathfinder Pilot, will support collaborative research and innovation actions dedicated to high-risk high-gain ideas which will bring emerging technologies into the market.


The Call for Proposal will last on June 3rd, 2020, defined on the basis of the call deadline extension due to COVID-19. 


The European Commission has dedicated 354.20 million EUR, for around 3 million EUR dedicated to the single project funded under this Topic Call.


Last 49 funded projects have been recently published by the European Commission.


427 proposals have been submitted under the Horizon 2020 Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Open call of the European Innovation Council Pilot, dedicated to Research and Innovation Actions, and which closed on 18th September 2020, for an available budget of 163.3 million EUR.


Wish to know more?


The Call for Proposals FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking is available here.


If you have some questions on the Call for Proposals, check the EIC’s related FAQ here.


The 49 latest FET Open research and innovation projects are available here.