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Call for applications for the selection of members of the EIC Board

June 30th 2021
Call for Expression of Interest



The call for expressions of interest for members of the new EIC Board has been published, looking for leading individuals in digital/ deeptech research and startup ecosystems.

Interested individuals are invited to submit their application to the Agency.



Applications must be completed in one of the official languages of the European Union. However, applications in English would facilitate the evaluation procedure. If another language is used, it would be helpful to include a summary of the application in English.

An application will be deemed admissible only if it is sent by the deadline and includes the documents referred to below. All documents submitted by applicants should be duly filled in, legible, signed and numbered sequentially.


Supporting documents

Each application shall include the following documents:

  • a cover letter explaining the applicant’s motivation for answering this call and stating what contribution the applicant could make to the group;
  • a classification form duly filled in specifying the member category for which the application is made (Annex I).
  • a selection criteria form duly filled in documenting how the applicant fulfills the selection criteria listed in chapter 4 of the call (Annex II).

For individuals applying to be appointed as members of the group in a personal capacity, a curriculum vitae (CV) shall also be provided, preferably not exceeding three pages. All CVs shall be submitted in the European format.

Additional supporting documents (e.g. publications) may be requested at a later stage.


Deadline for application

The duly signed applications must be sent by Wednesday 30 June 2021, 17h00 CET at the latest (the horizontal rules provide for a minimum deadline of four weeks) to the following e-mail address: EISMEA-EIC-BOARD- APPLICATIONS@ec.europa.eu, the date of the e-mail will be the date of sending.


All information about the EIC board and the call available here


June 30 2021


Call for Expression of Interest