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Bio4Comp training in methods relevant for biological computing

December 15th 2020
Deadline to apply for hands-on training


THE FET project Bio4Comp offers the opportunity of hands-on trainings on how to build and run computer based on biological filaments extremely energy efficient. The deadline to apply for the  training is 15th December 2020.


Bio4Comp aims to develop a biocomputer that can overcome the two main obstacles faced by today’s supercomputers: first, they use vast amounts of electric power – so much that the development of more powerful computers is hampered primarily by limitations in the ability to cool the processors. Second, they cannot do two things at the same time. With Bio4Comp, the EU funds a project that will develop a computer based on highly efficient molecular motors that will use a fraction of the energy of existing computers, and that can tackle problems where many solutions need to be explored simultaneously.

One aspect of the project is to train young people and to spread knowledge about the methods that are used in this type of biological computing. Examples could be to run in vitro gliding motility assays, where surface-attached motor proteins propel cytoskeletal filaments or to perform formal verification of network algorithms.


The hands-on training will be performed in the labs of one of the project partners. The duration is typically 2-8 weeks. In case this requires traveling, it is possible to apply for support for accommodation and travel. The deadline is the 15th of December 2020. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the exact timing of the training will be agreed between the trainee and the host institution individually.


Welcome to apply!


Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash


December 15 2020


Deadline to apply for hands-on training