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Dear Readers,

Lots of updates in this new issue of FETFX eMagazine dedicated to the second edition of the Future Tech Week!

The initiative has been announced by the European Commission, in collaboration with FETFX, for it to be held from 21st  to 25th of September. Its aim is to provide EIC Pathfinder FET projects with a unique opportunity to showcase their achievements using a broad platform. Future Tech Week will also be part of the European Union’s research flagship event, European Research & Innovation Days, running virtually from 22nd-24th September.

Read more about how to contribute and the registration available from the 13th July on the Future Tech Website and don’t miss out the opportunity to participate on the social media campaign by using the #EICFTW hashtag that will link your tweets directly on the event’s Future Board.

Not only Future Tech Week in this issue, but the last update from FETFX project, the Vision and Roadmap for impact for the EIC published by the European Innovation Council (EIC) Advisory Board and lots of updates from FET projects featured in this issue (BOHEME, MAESTRO, SUNRISE, EVFOUNDRY, EVO-NANO, EPEEC)… if you also wish to share your FET results, beside the Future Tech Week,…don’t forget our FETFX open Call for Editorials!
Celebrating Future and Emerging Technologies with an Eye to EIC Pathfinder's Future
The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot in collaboration with the FETFX project invites all projects under the EIC Pathfinder FET umbrella to share their successes as part of Future Tech Week 2020
STORIES from the FETFX Journalist in the Lab
Brain implants to speak again
A new generation of medical devices will restore speech and communication in disabled patients
Fantastic Particles and Where to Find Them

 Mysterious material properties are laying groundwork for photon-electron channels communication devices

The future of batteries is (e)magic
The FET project E-MAGIC seeks to develop rechargeable, safe and sustainable batteries based on magnesium
If batteries are the question, calcium could be the answer

 Could calcium provide a new sustainable approach for battery technology applications? 

Low-Dose 3D X-Ray Imaging to Help in Fight Against COVID-19
As our understanding of COVID-19 increases, 3D x-ray imaging may play a key role in diagnosing the coronavirus
Perovskite - an Element Set to Drive the Next Generation of Urban Solar Power

The next generation of photovoltaic panels based on perovskite are set to better harness sunlight in urban areas' sidewalls

Harnessing Heat and Light to Sustainably Power the Internet of Things
Micro-energy harvesting and storage nodes could power a whole family of new-generation portable devices while sidestepping the challenges associated with batteries
Turning EIC Pathfinder Results in Genuine Innovation

The FET Innovation LaunchPad seeks to turn FET & EIC Pathfinder funded projects' results into societal /economic innovations

A Vision and Roadmap for Impact
Read on EIC Advisory Board's Vision and Roadmap as these connect deep-tech research with market opportunities
Metamaterials Tuned by Light
A new class of metamaterials sensitive to light showing varying elastic properties once stimulated by a blue-light laser
Maestro: the Next-Generation Solution to the Data Movement Challenge in HPC Centers
The new Maestro video uses the analogy with online video conferencing to explain how faster supercomputing are applied to solve the most important challenges in our society
Sunrise's latest video - the SUNERGY Presentation Video
The Sunergy presentation video has been released
EVFoundry: Researchers through Pandemic and Beyond
evFOUNDRY researchers contribute to face the COVID-19 crisis
Evolutionary Approaches to Cancer Nanotherapies
EVO-NANO: modelling, synthesis and validation of new cancer nanotherapies
Reliability and Reproducibility in Computational Science: Can We Trust Algorithms?
An open source toolkit for more reliable computer simulation results
Programming Guidelines for Parallel Applications
Read the EPEEC's latest methodological framework on parallel applications for the HPC community
Future Tech Week 2020
September 21-25 2020
Virtual event
Time Machine Round Table at CHNT 2020
November 4-6 2020
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 FET Programme under grant agreement No. 824753.

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