Happy birthday, FET!

The European Future and Emerging Technologies Programme has turned 30. A video is celebrating the extraordinary results and impacts from FET-funded research


The European programme on Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) is celebrating 30 years of groundbreaking, innovative and disruptive scientific research. For the occasion, a video has been produced by the FET-Open project EFFECT, coordinated by youris.com. The video premiere took place in Vienna (Austria) on the 4th of December 2018, during the special session “The FET programme and its Flagships as game changers” at the ICT 2018 event.


The FET programme funds high-risk, long-term, multidisciplinary, visionary and curiosity-driven research in areas such as biotechnologies, health, new materials, energy, environment, artificial intelligence. By embracing the main challenges of our society, FET research projects have the potential to shape our lives and the future of humanity. Under Europe’s Horizon2020 research and innovation programme, FET was granted roughly 2.7 billion Euros. These were distributed to international research teams from almost 40 countries in Europe and beyond, giving support to courageous research ideas of approximately 300 FET projects.


In particular, the three FET Flagships on Human Brain, Graphene and Quantum Technologies are among Europe’s main efforts in the realm of basic research. They are expected to run for about 10 years, with a total budget of around 1 billion Euros.


The EFFECT project, which has produced the FET anniversary video, aims to enhance visibility and impact of FET research addressing a variety of audiences: researchers, industry, policy makers, civil society organisations and citizens. It also aims to stimulate debate and collaboration among multiple stakeholders through dedicated community building and public engagement activities. EFFECT pursues these goals via storytelling formats on FET research projects and their huge innovation potential on our life. EFFECT’s main communication hub, the editorial platform fetfx.eu designed by youris.com, was recently awarded the 2018 .eu Web Award in the “Laurels” category, reserved to websites that represent educational institutions, charitable organisations and pan European projects.