How do these FET experts see the future?

Seven world-class experts share their thoughts about the exciting horizons which the EU-funded FET programme can open up. The key? Visionary thinking and innovative technologies for the benefit of society


Visionary thinking, novelties, long-term projects, high-risk proposals and interdisciplinary approaches. These are the main ingredients of the scientific and technological breakthroughs targeted by FET research in order to shape our society. An ambitious and thrilling project, supported by the scientific community all over Europe. Asking yourself why? Check the above video and listen to what a number of experts from disparate disciplines such as biorobotics, neuroscience, renewable energy and quantum computing have to share.


Intrigued by their thoughts and curious to know more about the relevance of FET research? Have a look at the following videos, where the experts elaborate further on what’s the next big thing thanks to FET research and what’s the impact on our lives, and share words of wisdom for aspiring FET researchers.



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