FETFX evolves into DEEPSYNC: a new gateway for European innovators

DEEPSYNC, powered by the EIC Communities project, is set to emerge as the primary gateway for innovators, policy makers, investors, and EU citizens alike.


In its recent transition, Europe’s renowned Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) program took on a new identity as it aligned itself with the evolving landscape of innovation. For decades, FET has been the driving force behind transformative research projects, fostering groundbreaking technologies across various scientific domains. Now, as the torch passes to the European Innovation Council (EIC), the essence of FETFX lives on in the form of DEEPSYNC, a platform designed to unite innovators, under one banner.


While FETFX was a cross-media communication platform that connected science, industry, and society, DEEPSYNC takes a giant leap forward by fostering vibrant communities centered around EIC-funded projects. This platform aims to be the ultimate destination for EIC innovators and other target groups, offering a space for showcasing projects, seeking support, networking, and building a broader community.


Collaborating closely with EIC representatives and Program Managers, the EIC Communities project will establish three thematic communities encompassing the key areas of green technology, digital/industry/space, and health. These communities, showcased on the DEEPSYNC platform, will serve as hubs for like-minded innovators, enabling knowledge exchange, networking, and joint initiatives to amplify the impact of deep tech projects.


DEEPSYNC will also continue the tradition of storytelling, shedding light on captivating deep tech narratives. We will shine a spotlight on the most promising and radical innovations that are emerging across Europe, fostering a dynamic and interconnected community of visionaries.


In addition to this transformative shift, the return of the Future Tech Week, a week-long event spotlighting Future and Emerging Technologies, is set to make noise once again.


In this renewed era of innovation, DEEPSYNC emerges as the bridge between visionary ideas and collaborative action. Join the community where innovation thrives, where stories come to life, and where the future is shaped, one connection at a time.


Embrace the future of innovation with DEEPSYNC: