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100 Radical Innovation Breakthroughs for the future

How do we see European innovation in the near future? This report gives you a broad idea on what to expect via 100 radical innovation breakthroughs.


Governing Missions: Governing Missions in the European Union

Mariana Mazzucato lists down 17 recommendations the European Commission must embrace to ensure the success of Horizon Europe's research missions.


Mission-oriented research and innovation policy – A RISE perspective

In this report, RISE, or the independent Research Innovation and Science Expert high-level group, wrote how mission-oriented Research and Innovation policy can work at a European level.


Mission-Oriented Research & Innovation in the European Union

The FET Programme will be run under the EIC Pilot Programme, one of the key outcomes from the Horizon Europe proposal. In this report by Mariana Mazzucato, she briefly explains how the new Horizon Europe will work using a mission-oriented policy approach.


Round Table on Future FET Flagships

Which other FET Flagships will be launched? This was the question posed on December 2016 at a High-level round-table discussion.


The Future of FET

What is role of Future and Emerging Technologies in the European Innovation Council? Click here to find out.


Future & Emerging Technologies Programme

This page shows you a portfolio of projects that are part of the Future & Emerging Technologies Programme.


FET Open in 2014-2017: State of Play

This booklet provides a thorough analysis and detailed information on tendencies of FET-Open Research and Innovation Actions.


From Great Science to Thrilling Technologies

This booklet describes a range of FET projects.


Graphene Flagship leaflet

This leaflet provides all the basic information you need to know about the Graphene Flagship and its highlights.


European Leadership through Disruptive Technologies: Future and Emerging Technologies towards 2030

The policy workshop, held at the European Parliament, aimed at making a wide variety of actors aware of the impact of Future and Emerging Technologies on the European society of tomorrow. Check out the proceedings, publications and presentations related to the event.


Elements for Flagship work programme

How do FET Flagships work? Click here to know more.