Time Machine Project Scouting Service

A specialised service to support Time Machine members in the preparation of competitive proposals

Recently, Time Machine has launched the Time Machine Project Scouting Service: a specialised service offer for partners of the Time Machine Organisation (TMO) that aims to support Time Machine members in the process of forming competitive project consortia and submitting high quality project proposals with specific regards to EU funding schemes. Time Machine is a FET flagship project that by pushing the frontiers of scientific research in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), will strongly impact key sectors of European economy.



The Time Machine network is comprised of more than 14.000 institutions representing more than 100.000 professionals ranging from science and technology experts, academic researchers, historians, cultural and social scientists, humanists, museum and library experts, archivists, citizen scientists, genealogists to hobby researchers and Time Machine enthusiasts. With its network of over 50 Time Machine Ambassadors spanned across Europe, the Time Machine initiative is firmly based on the European continent. Together, this heterogeneous network strives to join Europe’s rich past with the future of digital breakthroughs, creating a living resource that allows you to travel not only through space, but through time.


The Time Machine Project Scouting Service provides support in the pre-proposal, proposal and networking areas, which will ultimately fortify efforts of TMO members and their consortia and enhance their chances at success and of receiving funding. In particular, it provides:


  • Information and consultancy concerning relevant third-party funding schemes
  • Support to find matching partners for project consortia
  • Management of the involvement of the Time Machine Organisation and support for project consortia
  • Consultancy and services for proposal preparation


The Project Scouting Service is provided through two strands. On the one hand, the Time Machine Organisation may participate directly in projects – either as partner, as coordinator or cooperation is managed via a Letter of Support. On the other hand, members of the Time Machine Organisation may be supported in their efforts to prepare and submit project proposals even without any direct participation or support by the TMO.


More information about the Time Machine Project Scouting Service available here

Photo by Luís Eusébio on Unsplash