RegMed Forum 2019

RESTORE FET project in the organization of the RegMed Forum 2019 for a more patient oriented perspective in the implementation of Advanced Therapies 


The RegMed Forum has met annually since 2014 to discuss the progress made and the highlights in regenerative medicine. Speakers and participants are traditionally members of the scientific community from both academia and industry, but the event is also open to the public.


This year the pan-European large-scale research initiative, RESTORE, joined the event as an organiser, thus the focus of the forum was shifted towards a more patient oriented perspective, concentrating on the exchange between patients, physicians and scientists about the developments, risks and opportunities of new cell and gene therapies (Advanced Therapies).  Only joint efforts by all of these different groups can ensure the successful development and clinical implementation of this new class of therapies.


The 2019 RegMed forum, which took place in Berlin on October 22nd, was hosted by Prof. Petra Reinke (BeCAT, BCRT, RESTORE) and offered an exciting programme where case studies from various indications in the following areas, immune diseases, cancer, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and rare diseases, were presented by physicians, scientists, patient organisations and patients. This provided a broad perspective, including the lived experience of being on the receiving end of Advanced Therapies, and basis for discussion of the developments and risks involved in cell and gene therapy. In the final hour, a panel of experts discussed both with the audience and among themselves, the general themes and patient related aspects of Advanced Therapies, to round off an interesting and informative day.


This was a joint event organized by BeCAT (Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies), BCRT (BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies), RESTORE, Charité, BIH (Berlin Institute of Health) and Cluster Health Capital.


Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash