European High-Performance Computing Technologies boosted by the FET projects and ways to achieve rocket results

A white paper to present the results or the on-going work of the first HPC technology projects initiated within the Horizon 2020 programme

High Performance Computing (HPC) is delivering top computing resources for research and industry. It drives a revolution in scientific approaches through the integration of models and simulation in the scientific workflow. The EU set-up in 2012 an ambitious strategy on delivering the next generation of HPC machines and software, resulting, among others, in several FET HPC calls.

EXDCI-2 is a European Coordination and Support Action that, through the joint action of PRACE and ETP4HPC aims at supporting the implementation of a common HPC strategy and helps the coordination of the EU HPC ecosystem.


The project released two white papers that presents the results or ongoing-work of the FET HPC projects from 2014 to 2017 and analyses the projects’ impacts on the software application domain. EXDCI-2 finds out that the projects delivered novel and world-class results impacting the overall European HPC value chain with more than 171 IPs results and 6 demonstrators.


The white paper also explores way for the EU to build on these results with two main ideas: either reinforce the European integration – for example by following the ECP project of the US DoE – which would result in the creation of a stronger European HPC value chain.


The alternative proposed is to foster the exploitation of the results of the FET-HPC projects through three coordinated actions. First to conduct integration projects at high TRL level, second to call for horizontal projects with an objective to produce software of pre-production quality level and finally to initiate actions targeting the users of the technologies developed to reach out the greatest share of the concerned scientific and industrial communities.


The last EXDCI-2 white paper available here


Photo by M. B. M. on Unsplash