EnTimeMent new video – TimesRegained

TimesRegained- the new video of EnTimeMent on the last results on motion capture technology

The FET PROACTIVE project EnTimeMent released a new video to present its recent results in the field of motion capture technology and automated analysis and prediction of movements.


State of the art motion capture technology is limited to the computation of kinematic measures in a time frame usually too short for an effective perception and prediction of complex phenomena. While a lot of effort is being spent improving such technologies in the direction of more accurate and portable systems, the conceptual and technological paradigm remains unchanged.


EnTimeMent proposed a new paradigm consisting of a qualitative time frame for analysis, grounded on emerging neuroscientific, biomechanical, psychological, and computational evidence and dynamically adapted to the multiple temporal scales concurrently interacting in the brain.


The project aims to define and empirically validate the neuro-cognitive and computational models of the multiple and mutually interactive time scales in human actions, in order to analyse and predict qualities and affective non-verbal communication. One of the major objectives of the project is the novel generation of systems for the automated analysis and prediction of human movement, at both individual and group level. Eventually, EnTimeMent aims at creating an innovation ecosystem around a future emerging technology on automated movement analysis and prediction. The wide range of application scenarios include the support of healing, of everyday life in disabled as well as healthy persons, sport, performing arts and, in general, the Creative and Cultural Industry.


Enjoy the video!


Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash