ENERXICO: using HPC to revolutionize Mexico’s energy

A video to show the power of of cross-border collaboration to use supercomputers in the energy sector

To know more about supercomputers and energy sector in Mexico, do not miss the new video of ENERXICO, a project that involves High Performance Computing researchers from the European Union and Mexico, bringing together 15 institutions in an academic-industry collaboration to solve real-world engineering problems in the energy sector. Coordinated by Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) in Europe and the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (ININ) in Mexico, it focuses on providing solutions for the oil and gas industry, improving wind energy performance and increasing the efficiency of biofuels for transportation.


ENERXICO builds upon the considerable expertise of its consortium to deliver ground-breaking new energy solutions, from wind turbine simulations to improve the efficiency of wind farms and make wind energy more competitive, to geophysics exploration, oil reservoir and refining modelling, to thermo- and fluid-dynamic processes of biofuel combustion for transportation.

Check the video to know more about ENERXICO objectives and future plans to revolutionize Mexico’s energy.


Background information

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