Call to Build the Time Machine

Participate in Time Machine's public survey which will end on August 31, 2019

Time Machine will use space and time as shared references across domains, disciplines and cultures to understand and give value to constructions, artifacts, observations and data produced over centuries, enabling Europeans to better appropriate their heritage and strengthen their feeling of belonging to Europe.


More than 400 European partner organizations are involved in building a road map, organized around the four pillars of the project, namely science and technology, Time Machine operation, exploitation avenues and framework conditions. The goal for 2020 is to unite more than 2000 partner institutions.


Detailed road maps will be prepared by the Time Machine Consortium and subsequent consultations with the largest possible number of relevant external stakeholders. One instrument of the consultation process is a public survey, whose purpose it is to provide information about Time Machines fields of intervention and to gather feedback from various interest groups to further shape the Time Machine project.


With your participation and support, we intend to review and examine needs and procedures that are of high relevance for elaborating a research agenda to approach funding bodies such as the European Commission and national ministries.


Be a part of this truly European project and help building Time Machine!


The survey can be submitted up to 31 August, 2019.