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MARILIA: bridging the gap between market and research

Design Thinking, Strategic Marketing and working together with the stakeholders since the early stages are essential in the product development process within MARILIA

OPTOMICS: Digital twin technology for type-2 diabetes healthcare

A new FET/EIC Pathfinder project recently started aiming at developing an innovative, non invasive and less expensive treatment for type-2 diabetes

FET Briefing booklet Research meets Industry

An overview of projects, stakeholders, companies and corporate in the field of Energy and Environment participating to the project event Research meets Industry

WiPLASH: making AI processing faster

Taking advantage of graphene to build the next generation of processor architectures

Embodied online dancing and partying with the help of digital characters

Creating AI-driven characters able to interact autonomously with people to help them feel and dance with each other even if they are physically not in the same space

ULISES makes visible the invisible

Using nanotechnologies as part of a new cancer treatment strategy

RAMONES: Advancing deep-ocean radioactivity monitoring to Environmental Intelligence status

A new generation of submarine radiation-sensing instruments for in situ spectroscopic studies in the marine environment

EXPERIENCE social media 2.0

A new virtual EXPERIENCE on social media thanks to Artificial Intelligence

ENERXICO: using HPC to revolutionize Mexico’s energy

A video to show the power of of cross-border collaboration to use supercomputers in the energy sector

HIVEOPOLIS – A smart city for smart honeybees

HIVEOPOLIS: helping the honeybees to survive using technology to build the beehive of the future

WeNet diversity measurement pilots

WeNet phase of data collection to build a model of diversity and train the machine learning algorithms now completed. Now ready for pilot iterations


AMAPOLA project pursues the development of an Al-S battery with polymer gel electrolyte, which has the potential to store very high energy