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RESTORE at the European Parliament in Brussels

Meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels to speak about Advanced Therapies with RESTORE community

A roadmap for clean energy

SUNRISE releases its technological roadmap to facilitate the transition to a circular economy powered by sunlight through the sustainable production of fuels and chemicals

RegMed Forum 2019

RESTORE FET project in the organization of the RegMed Forum 2019 for a more patient oriented perspective in the implementation of Advanced Therapies 

Wins and risks in research and innovation

Two Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) projects, Lumiblast and FutureAgriculture, shaped up well at the 2019 Innovation Radar Awards, landing a category winner prize.

New partnership between JPI CH and Time Machine

JPI CH and Time Machine join forces for a research and innovation partnership promoting the future of Cultural Heritage

Call to Build the Time Machine

Participate in Time Machine's public survey which will end on August 31, 2019

Time Travelling in Europe

The Time Machine Flagships has been launched as it re-creates digitally Europe's rich cultural heritage.

Building the Roadmap for Regenerative Medicine

RESTORE community meets to finalise the Advanced Therapies Roadmap for Horizon Europe

Two Days Worth of a LifeTime

On early May 2019, the LifeTime Flagship launched its Opening Conference in Berlin to talk about the goal of revolutionising healthcare together with medical experts across Europe

An analysis of FET High Performance Computing projects

EXDCI-2 has delivered an in-depth analysis of the results obtained by other Future and Emerging Technologies HPC projects selected under the 2014 calls

Scaling up the Energy Conversion Problem

ENERGY-X project launched to build a roadmap addressing conversion of renewable energy into chemical form