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evFOUNDRY: researchers through pandemic and beyond

evFOUNDRY researchers contribute to face the COVID-19 crisis

Celebrating Future and Emerging Technologies with an eye to EIC Pathfinder’s future

The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot in collaboration with the FETFX project invites all projects under the EIC Pathfinder FET umbrella to share their successes as part of Future Tech Week 2020

A Vision and Roadmap for Impact

Connecting Deep-Tech Research with Market Opportunities

Proactive support to the consolidation of a new technological direction

The FET Proactive aim is to explore and consolidate a new technological direction thankful to interdisciplinary communities and a European innovation eco-system, well beyond the world of research alone.

Metamaterials tuned by light

A new class of metamaterials sensitive to light showing varying elastic properties once stimulated by a blue-light laser

Maestro: the next-generation solution to the data movement challenge in HPC centers

The new Maestro video uses the analogy with online video conferencing to explain how faster supercomputing are applied to solve the most important challenges in our society

SUNRISE’s latest video – the SUNERGY presentation video

The SUNERGY presentation video released

A Vision for the European Innovation Council

From deep-tech research to visionary innovation and scale-ups

Joint registry to fight the pandemic

Human Cell Atlas and LifeTime are joining efforts to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a joint registry where scientists can share knowledge and other resources

Time Machine Project Scouting Service

A specialised service to support Time Machine members in the preparation of competitive proposals

Updated H2020 WP on EIC Pilot

An updated version of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme on European Innovation Council - EIC Pilot has been published last 2nd March 2020.

Supercomputer power to fight COVID-19

PRACE awards 195 million core hours to trap and defeat SARS-CoV-2 – and more to come!