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Taking Pride on Future and Emerging Technologies

The EIC in collaboration with the FETFX project is inviting all researchers to celebrate this September, 30 years of visionary research and breakthrough innovation in Europe

Time Travelling in Europe

The Time Machine Flagships has been launched as it re-creates digitally Europe's rich cultural heritage.

Building the Roadmap for Regenerative Medicine

RESTORE community meets to finalise the Advanced Therapies Roadmap for Horizon Europe

Two Days Worth of a LifeTime

On early May 2019, the LifeTime Flagship launched its Opening Conference in Berlin to talk about the goal of revolutionising healthcare together with medical experts across Europe

An analysis of FET High Performance Computing projects

EXDCI-2 has delivered an in-depth analysis of the results obtained by other Future and Emerging Technologies HPC projects selected under the 2014 calls

Scaling up the Energy Conversion Problem

ENERGY-X project launched to build a roadmap addressing conversion of renewable energy into chemical form

Researchers and innovators encouraged to work closer for a prosperous Europe

Innovative Enterprise Week conference sees scientists and policymakers scan the monetary horizon of FET research and its evolution in the EIC Pathfinder programme

Call for FETFX editorials

FETFX is now accepting contributions and stories regarding FET projects' progress, their uptake on the market and news related to the FET programme and the EIC

What does the future hold for FET flagships?

Six more research projects have been selected by the European Commission to compete to be one of the next Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) flagships for Horizon Europe

Understanding the Future of Emerging Technologies: Breakthrough and collaborative research for Europe’s future

At the end of January, the role of Emerging Technologies and Innovation Ecosystems in Europe was discussed during the High-Level Roundtable event held in Brussels

Bridging the gap between revolutionary scientific research and society

The European project FETFX was launched in January 2019. Its goal is to bring EU-funded research on Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) and society closer to each other via dedicated communication and dissemination campaigns

Happy birthday, FET!

The European programme on Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) is celebrating 30 years of groundbreaking, innovative and disruptive scientific research. For the occasion, a video has been produced by the FET-Open project EFFECT, coordinated by youris.com. The video premiere took place in Vienna (Austria) on the 4th of December 2018, during the special session “The […]