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Webinar on EIC Pathfinder and Accelerator Pilot

March 26th 2020
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How to succeed in the EIC Pathfinder and Accelerator 2020 calls?

As several novelties have been introduced into the EIC Pilot Work Programme 2020 which reflect the new European Commission leadership priorities, the European Commission in conjunction with the Access2EIC National Contact Point Network organizes this webinar dedicated to the European Innovation Council Pilot 2020 calls for proposals.

The objective of the event is to provide up-to-date information on the content of the last Pathfinder and Accelerator calls under Horizon 2020 to potential applicants as well as information on support to the applicants available at the national and European levels.

The European Innovation Council Pilot aims at bringing together the cutting-edge research and innovation communities with innovative small and medium companies that are able to transform emerging technologies into products and services. The aim of the event is to build on the existing experience in order to bridge the gap between academia and industry.



The webinar is taking place on of 26 March 2020 through WebEX from 09:30 to 15:30 (please find attached the agenda).

The session (09:30-12:30) will focus on EIC Pathfinder programme its relation to the EIC Accelerator and the evolution towards Horizon Europe, including tools and services dedicated to project proposers.

The FETFX project will also take part at the online session, to present its services and tools.


How to join the webinar

In order to join the webinar via WebEx please use this link to the meeting and if needed the password access2603.

Due to the high number of connections foreseen, in order to ensure a smooth webinar, we would kindly ask you to follow some simple rules:

  • Ensure a good connection to follow smoothly the web meeting
  • Please keep your video and microphone turned off.We are looking forward to seeing you on-line for this webinar.


March 26 2020


Online event


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