About EFFECT project

European visionary thinking and scientific excellence: how will FET research impact on society?

The EFFECT project, funded by the HORIZON 2020 FET-Open Programme, will try to answer this question by developing easy-to-understand contents for the broad public accessible on the web, social and TV media and by fostering direct engagement and debate among different societal players.

FET research and innovation are expected to start radically new lines of technology and unexplored collaborations between advanced multidisciplinary science and cutting-edge engineering involving a wide range of fields, from biotechnologies and green technologies to quantum technologies, robotics and new materials.

FET visionary thinking towards future possible scenarios opening the way to new breakthrough applications and scientific excellence has to match with the need for technological concreteness of these ideas and tangible impacts for society. EFFECT aims at combining FET research with society by developing stories on research outcomes and their expected impacts on society to enhance public understanding on one side and catch investors’ interest on the other. The EFFECT public communication approach supports an open ecosystem to transform FET research public funding into real benefits and impacts for society.


EFFECT is managed by a consortium of organisations with a wide range of expertise in public science communication, research and innovation.


youris.com GEIE

EFFECT project coordinator, youris.com is an independent non-profit media agency supporting and improving public communication and dissemination of European research and innovation. youris.com designs and implements media communication strategies for large research organisations and public-funded projects and is able to establish permanent links between research communities, the media and the public.
ContactElisabeth Schmid, Project coordinator


Zabala Innovation Consulting is an independent international consultancy specialised in comprehensive consultancy services of R&D and Innovation management, international cooperation and technology transfer projects.
ContactLeire Martiarena


APRE, the Agency for the Promotion of European Research, is a non-profit research organization. APRE hosts the Italian National Contact Points for Horizon 2020 providing advice and assistance in all aspects of the EU RTD programme. The role of the NCP is extremely important in the dissemination of information and in the inter-sectoral and transnational assistance to the European projects proposers.
ContactMarta Calderaro